Hi, I'm new to posting

hi, my name is Sam. I’m quite shy and tend to stay in the background and enjoy reading all your posts instead. However, I’ve decided that you’re all really lovely and I’d like to join in.

I’ve been reborning for about 5 or 6 years now and I love trying out new techniques. You may not know it, but you’ve all helped me learn an awful lot since I’ve been reading the forum.

I used to sell my reborns, but I stopped because I just wasn’t earning what my babies were worth and I found Evil-bay’s fees extortionate. As a result, I now have over 30 reborns sitting in the spare room which is affectionately known as the “baby room”.

Anyway, I just thought I’d say ‘hi’ :relaxed:


Hi! Glad you decided to come of hiding and join us. One place you can list for less is reborns.com and a few ladies here do well there. The least expensive membership is under 5$ a month and you can list your babies without extra fees, except for the Paypal fees, of course. Do you have a nursery name?


thank you for the warm welcome x

I’ll be sure to check out Reborns.com for my babies. Of course, that’s if I can bear to part with any of them lol

My nursery name is Silent Sleepers.



Welcome to the forum, Sam. I am glad that you were able to find some ideas to help you out, and hope that you won’t be too shy to visit with us. As @bebe said, reborns.com is a good place to list your dolls. I list at the Silver level and have sold 3 dolls so far.

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thank you for the warm welcome @otterbaby2 x

Can I use Reborns.com if I am in the UK?


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Welcome Sam, So nice to meet you…I think there are a lot of ‘lurkers’ on this forum…heehee… :smile: Hope you join in and would love to see some of your babies…Don’t be shy…we all love pics here… :wink:

Oh by the way, Sam…come join our Christmas Baby Challenge…Just look for the topic Christmas Baby Challenge and read the rules…they are simple and very “open” …It is going to be great fun for everyone…I am getting some really lovely entries…Amazing ladies here with lots of imagination…When I post the photos on November 28th, if they don’t get you in the Christmas spirit…nothing will!!! :smile:


hi @westernstarr Good to meet you too x

My nursery website - Silent Sleepers

I’ve just uploaded a whole load of pics onto my website today. Hopefully, the link works :blush:

Thank you for the invite to join the Christmas challenge. I’ll give it serious thought :sunglasses:


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Hi Sam! I’m so glad you came out of the woodwork. The more the merrier! We all really care about each other here. It’s a safe place to learn and to play and hang out with friends who share your interests. Welcome, welcome!

hi @honojane and thank you for the warm welcome x

I love how friendly this forum is and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all better :grinning:


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Welcome, Sam! It’s so nice to finally “meet” you. :slight_smile:

@SilentSleepers, Yes you can sell on reborns.com. They have several sellers from the United Kindgom, and I saw one from Australia and Russia. Diane

Thanks for joining the group.

Hi Sam, welcome to the forum. It’s a great place as I’m sure you know by now. We love having new members join us and if we can be of any help just let us know. We love pictures so any time you finish a baby please post a picture for us. Again Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!

Hi Sam…Welcome…!!..I think you will like it here…!!.. :smile:

Hi Sam ! And welcomes to all the craziness :grinning: Best forum around !

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Welcome Sam !!! I took a peak at your website, you have a lot of cute babies.

Wow, thank you everyone for such a lovely warm welcome. I am definitely going to love being a part of this family :smiley:

@MichelleP20 @october and @anniewalker thank you for the compliments about my babies. I’m so pleased you like them :blush: My hubby designed my website for me so that I could showcase my babies, as well as having a record of how my techniques have changed over the years.

@otterbaby2 I do believe I shall give Reborns.com a try when I’m ready to start selling again x

@lynn I will definitely be sharing pictures of my babies with you all. I currently have have 5 little ones taking over the spare sofa in the living room and Aloenka is standing by the sideboard patiently waiting for a photoshoot.


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Welcome you sound loke me until recently, I started becoming more vocal and am learning how to usse the forem, everyone here is wonderful and very helpful’
. I want to say thank you to all of you for your help and advice!

Hi Sam, great to have you here :smile: