Hey. Where's CaliMel? - FOUND

Yoo hooo! Haven’t seen you for a while (well, since yesterday. But it feels like ages). Come out, come out, wherever you are . . .

Phew. Glad to know everything is A-OK. I guess work must take precedence from time to time.

Thanks about the banner. I was just messing about and it was the best I could come up with.

Thanks!! I should update it. I have so man WIP’s to add. I want to steal 2layz’s forum name! It fits me like a glove.

Just looked at the USPS tracking and your prezzie’s in Chicago. It’s halfway there! Yay

Thank goodness milk cartons are still handy for something. Believe it or not, our milk comes in bags (I’m almost positive that’s weird).

BTW I didn’t do something nice for you. I sent you a* burden*. It’s up to you to make the nice!!

Stalk . . . Stalkstalkstalk

Milk coming in bags is weird…although all milk originates in bags since it’s another name for udder! But how do you get a bag of milk to stand up? I keep seeing a kid squeeze the bag just because and milk spilling everywhere!

Voila: milk in a bag (why? I have no idea. It is like a plastic udder. Canadians are known for being polite, but I swear we should also be known for being a bit odd sometimes! )

ETA Just realized I posted a picture of milk in a bag on a doll forum. See? Odd . . .

It’s weird but it’s okay. Kids are the only ones that can puncture those juice pouches without squirting it everywhere.