Hey There All!

Whats up everyone! I am “new” to the forum though I’ve been on and off making reborns for about 16 years now. I haven’t made one in a few years now but have a bunch of left over kits that I didn’t want to just toss out so I am going to finish them or sell them for fairly cheap just to move them out of my storage lol.

Everyone can call me Boomer (childhood nickname, not because of the new “ok, Boomer” trend though i suppose at this point it’s fitting for the trend as well) I am 32 years old… was a special needs teacher until Corona took over, I have a dalmatian pup who’s name is Pongo (I know, cliche lol) he is 3 years old. My girlfriend is Irish with a hot temper so i suppose to give me something to do while im in the “dog house” will be working on these kits!

I was around when BB began making their Realborns and wish i would have kept one of the 5 Presley kits that I had purchased (actually to be honest i may actually still have one as I have 4 Realborn boxes in storage with the blank kits from some of the original Realborns and I’ve literally no clue which they are) but I wanted to know who is currently everyone’s favorite Realborn?

Anyhow, look forward to meeting some new folks here and to chat with some people who understand this weird obsession we have lol!


Hi. Welcome back :slight_smile: Johannah is a very popular Realborn, but my personal fave is Darren asleep.


My favorite (for now :wink: ) is Alexa. But I am really excited for Ever, Micheal and Christopher to release :heart:

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I love Darren although I haven’t painted him yet. And I’m beyond excited for Ever!

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Hi and welcome😊 I really like Johannah but my favorite is Dominic asleep

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Darren is quite adorable!

how do you view the upcoming kits?

People share them here when they see sneak peeks on social media but Bountiful Baby also has some “upcoming releases” listed on their site

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my boy is quite big as well, bigger than the standard but hes a big cuddler! there are Liver spotted (brown) and lemon spotted (blonde spots) and the most rare “tri-color” but theyre not recognized by AKC. I am kind of a classics lover so i love the black spotted pups!

this is my baby, and three of his babies (one is a liver spotted)


Nice to meet you! And welcome! My favorite Realborn is Aria Asleep- not everyone’s favorite but there is just something about her in person. I also love Jaycee and Dominic Asleep :slight_smile:


i am supposed to be getting rid of kits ( I found Miracle by Laura Lee Eagles, dont remember ever even purchasing her lol!) but I purchased LeeLou by Joanna Kazmierczak because i just instant fell in love with that face! I am supposed to be making room but apparently i have zero self control lol

Welcome! If you decide to part with your Miracle, will you let me know? I’ve been looking for one, and may be interested if it’s in my budget! (And I’m also a special needs teacher, currently trying to provide “virtual learning” during this pandemic!)


Nice to meet you, glad you are here! I love the pictures, such a beautiful doggy! There are quite a few Realborn’s I love, but if I had to pick one favorite it would be Leif:)


Sure! I found her head, and her body must be somewhere… hopefully, would you still be interested in just the head otherwise? I will try and dig through more boxes tomorrow!

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If you can’t find the body, and if @Bec1273 isn’t interested in purchasing just the head, I definitely am:)


I have no idea why her head wasnt with her body lol, i normally store kits together in the bags they came in into a tub until i got around to doing them… so pretty odd! but ill let yall know if i find the rest today lol nothing like missing baby parts


That’s too funny:) I know for me I try to keep things together, but I always end up losing something or other and have to go searching for it. :joy: :sob: :rofl:

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Welcome back to the dark side. I think all the realborns have their own special “cute” factor. There are a couple I don’t care for as much but I have painted them anyway and was pleasantly surprised. The open eyed ones are not my top faves. Aria asleep is never a bad baby, she always turns out cute.

Totally understand the reborn thing…I have no idea how I landed here, I am not a collector. I do have a little basket filled with tiny naked vintage dolls that are well played with, I bought them for a project and they just stayed living in my studio.

I think I get my reborn “fix” just painting babies.

Hope you are not in the dog house for long. It is hard to shelter in place for some people especially if you no longer have a job to go to. Be good to each other, maybe you teach her how to paint babies, you can’t be in a bad mood painting babies.

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Team aria asleep forevah! Actually I need to get the blank on out soon. I need a new Aria fix!

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I’d still be interested in just the head, but would love the whole kit if you find it!