Hester Mae

I delivered Hester Mae to her new momma today. She was ecstatic. This is the one which went to the lady in the nursing home. She started to put her down 3 times while I was there and said I think you still need some holding. I love seeing the new mommies love my babies. I have a lady in there who has been showing hers off and said she needed business cards one nurse says she wants 4. Hum maybe those babies will have store bought clothes. LOL So far everyone went home in something I hand made. I resorted to buying some polar fleece blankets instead of making flannel receiving blankets. My picture will be added when or if it ever uploads to photobucket

Congratulations! Love to see the photos for all the babies

How wonderful! It’s so nice when we get to see someone interact with our babies. Sounds like you’re gonna be a busy girl!

Here is Hester Mae and her new mommy this morning. Yes, Karen and I never work less than 72 hours a week. I hope I am up to this challenge. I maybe asking for matching help soon.

I absolutely love the photo - she looks so happy holding that little baby.