Here's your chance to WIN Realborn Kimberly!

Hi Everyone,

We’re giving away 3 Realborn® Kimberly Kits! Go to this link,, and submit your information through our entry form!

3 winners will be drawn on Monday, December 7th, 2015!

Check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages enter additional times! (So you can enter seperately through each of these websites, for more than one entry, a better chance of winning!)

Thank you!
Emily, Bountiful Baby


What a wonderful Christmas surprise it would be for someone! :smiley:


Yay Kimberly is right. She’s really pretty


I entered but never received the email to confirm… will have to check again in a bit. Thank you

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I entered. Anyone have the Instagram and Twitter details?

I just entered! I am really excited about this one. They are doing the drawing on my wedding anniversary! By the way, my confirmation email came in within seconds.

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maybe I should try again? I still never got it…

I’d try again. Mine was almost instantaneous.

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I mis spelled my email… hahaha. Silly me. All better now. :slight_smile: entry confirmed

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Wow she is a gorgeous sculpt!! I just entered!!

I have been so impatient for her to come out. My dolly money is burning a hole in my pocket. But if I win her there are still a couple more realborns I want so BB won’t be missing out on my cash!

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Kimberly is gorgeous!

Thank you I love her!!!

Don’t forget Facebook too. All you have to do is going on their accounts and the contest details will be there as well.

Here’s the Twitter info:

Thanks Amy! I found the Twitter and I don’t have Instagram so I guess I only have 2 chances.


I guess there were a total of 4 places? The forum, FaceBook page, Twitter and Instagram?


Yes!! Here’s the FB link hope I did that correctly!

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Be used to do YouTube also. I don’t use Twitter or Instagram…Maybe I should!!!

Yes, that’s what I understand, too.