Here's my Serenity

Here’s my Serenity, hope you like her. Just a couple pictures before the light went away.



Thank you Izzy, I appreciate it a lot.

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She is beautifull … I am admiring her eyebrows :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I always get them dark cause I can’t see the one’s that are light, wish I could.

So beautiful…!!

Precious , great work.

She is adorable. Well done! :thumbsup:

Beautiful baby! Love her coloring. Want more photos!!!

I will do some more as soon as I get a chance. I was just trying to beat the light last night.

Thank you all for your nice comments, means the world,

Beautiful. Nice work. It’s astounding that someone who can’t see light colored brows can paint so nicely. Kudos.

She’s cute!

Thank You everyone, the nice compliments mean a lot to me. I keep trying.

Wow Lynn! Wow!

I love her but I know most people do her “softer” I just have such trouble with those light eyebrows, I think it’s my cataracts. Thank You Piglet !!!


Thank you, I kinda like capillaries so I tend to put them on the forehead rather than a stork bite. No accounting for taste I guess. lol.

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