Here's my MAISIE....tiny, tiny MAISIE! … 1555.l2649
Thanks for looking!



Karen, Maisie is such a sweet little sculpt - hope you do well on ebay! Your painted hair looks good too!
One of these days I’ll get brave

Thanks so much, sweetie!

Shes adorable! Great job on her!
BOL on the sale!

I LOVE Maisie she is so cute!!BOL

Very adorable!

Ohh, she is so sweet, She looks so cute in her little outfits. I like the way you used the measuring tape to show the size. Very clever. Best wishes on her auction.

What a cutie!! I just love her little feet, they are so sweet.

Real little sweetie… I love the sculpt, but didn’t order it because it was SO small… Did a Caleb once and I really prefer the larger babies… Good luck on the auction…

Oh, Karen, she’s lovely! Great job, and I hope she makes someone’s Christmas!

Thanks, everyone! Jen, she was a test to see if these tiny ones would go over for me…as cute as I thought she was, I consider her a flop because of her low selling price. I’ll not be making any more teeny-tiny babies. Lesson learned.

I thought I would like the small ones since I love miniatures till I ordered a Zachy from Marita Winters. Sent him back and got her Kissable instead. Also did two Calebs and sold them for very little. Too hard to dress them too.

— Begin quote from “CrafterJen”

It is so hard to know how much somebody will pay, isn’t it? If you start at a higher price, some won’t look at it to begin with. They might even set their search at a low price. But, then, that same person that just “had to have it” might have paid twice as much for it. Ugh! So hard to figure out. She turned out so cute, though…I hope you at least enjoyed making her. Are those regular preemie clothes on her?

— End quote

The white dress set is from BB, made for the 16" dolls and fit her pretty well, although a little big in the leg openings on the bloomers. The sleeper was a preemie-sized and was a little big but I kind of like the look on babies…don’t like anything tight.

I really DID enjoy making her and love the sculpt; preemies, though, just don’t work for me as far as selling. Heck, NONE of my babies sell that well to be honest…too much competition and too many fabulous artists out there.

This little Maisie will be for a little girl, 7 yrs. old and her Mom has promised to send me pics when she opens it on Christmas morning. I hope she does; I’d love to see.

Jen, would you believe that eBay won’t allow me to message the lady my email address??? When I tried, eBay sent a message saying I was violating their policy in attempting to exchange email addy’s -----

SOOOOO…now we’re trying to hook up on FB so I can see some pictures! I have 2 other ladies who bought dolls for daughters/grandaughters and I want pics of all of them. eBay makes me crazy…as if I needed help with THAT…I can do “crazy” just fine on my own!