Here's my Bindi! Thank you BB for making these!

I just love her to pieces! I want to thank BB so much for making these! I had wanted a monkey kit but knew I would never get up the nerve to actually make one. I also would never have the money to pay someone else to make me one. So this was such a nice treat to have an affordable one I could get! I am so glad you all made these!

So here she is after I made her a body:

And I had a little Berenguer terry cloth diaper that fits perfectly!

I wish I had bought the shirt for her and will have to get one later. The best thing I found here in my stash is a doll shirt that I had to hand stitch a gather around the back of the neck so it half way fits now.

The biggest problem I think with this little gal is going to be trying to keep her from climbing out of the crib! LMBO!

She’s going to be a trouble maker alright. It’s a good thing she is so cute! Looks like she’s keeping the other kids entertained though.

Awwww she is precious!! I am going to have to get myself one!!

Me too! Hubby wants one for his office! Can you believe that? He wants me to make one for his sister too. I am going to wait a bit and see if just maybe they are on DOTD again. I can hope…

The head is hard but you can still tell it is silicone mix. The head and the limbs are already rooted. I didn’t see anything on them that made me think they were sealed so I sealed mine just to be sure.