Here's a cutie

Here’s an ebay link for one of Linda Murray’s new babies. This is the first one that I really like. The others have been cute, but there is something about this one that I just love. Plus, it doesn’t look like the others. … 19c97dac54

Awwww what a sweet lil face -wish they would have made her about libbys size as she looks to be about 3mo or 3-6 mo and is only 19 in (I could also do with out the spider leg eye lashes )
But other than that -beautiful !!!

I agree that she is very cute…but like Cher said, a baby that is only 19" long should not look that old. I want her to be 22"/24" or so.

She is a darling, how cute. Love her expression. She does Andi and krista right? I’ve always wanted to make an Andi, I think it is such a beautiful sculpt