Here is Olive, all finished!

My first doll with many twists, turns, redos, and disappointments…but I finally got her the way I want her. I removed the wig that just didn’t work for her and since my attempts to root her eyebrows were a horrible disaster and made it impossible to paint over the holes I decided to use human hair eyebrow wigs which I ordered from a company called Image Beauty. This was an expensive route but since the brows were large I cut out what I needed and still have enough to make 2 more pairs. So, here she is, Olive, all done! Once the glue dries I might take out a few single hairs in the brows to thin them but I’m happy with how she’s turned out.


good work shes perfect…First hurdle

thank you, I’m very pleased with how she turned out, but am also glad she’s done. lol

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