Here is my first temp in Rebornning in a regular doll

Here is my first temp when I took air dry paint class during my class on line my instructor is Miraclerebornbabiesnursery (Annette) this doll was painted my me during class ,and the one with the crazy hair dude is the Ben sculpt by Jessica Schem ,but he was created by my ex friend ,he need it a touch up ,and he was missing Eye lashes and he was a bold reborn baby boy ,his name is Luca Xavier , he will be 5 years old on Oct 29 .one big mistake I made was trying todo a touch up with air dry paints ,that din’t work ,if peel off lol ,since I painted his with air dry paints and rooted half of his hair with hair extensions, that part did survive lol ,even know I only did a touch up on him ,but the regular Chinese doll is my first temp while I was in class taking air dry paints , so yeah .but the 10 inch kit is my Second temp ,but first tine Reborn it on an actual kit :heart::heart:


I love Ben! The cute little pout is adorable. Here is my Ben


Aww he is so cute , I love mine ,but when I rooted his head with hair extensions ,it was a nightmare ugh :weary:,but at least he look ok ,but that was my first temp in rooting his head ,lol now am doing my Second temp with mohair this time ,so far so good ,but will see when it’s completed :+1::wink::+1: