Here is blank Grant and Elliot kit

These are the 2nds kits I ordered and have yet to really find any defects. I am sure they probably have thick/thinner spots in the vinyl but since I use air dry paints now that is not a concern. I also included a photo of Elliot next to a 19 /2 baby (Sawyer limbs with Teddy Winters head) that I plan to reborn later on so you can see a size comparison. Teddy is a good sized head himself and the Sawyer limbs are very chunky so as you can see, these are indeed bigger kits. Also, I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Elliot has sculpted tear ducts which I think is fabulous!


they look HUGE!!!

They’re so cute!! And BIG!! :grinning:

I still have a custom made Carmen body for the smaller Grant/Elliot if anyone wants to buy it. I forgot I had it when I reborn my Grant and made my own then later found it.

They are!! I have Grant, the kits even heavy!