Help Yellow Eyebrows

I need help. I was doing blonde eyebrows and I was disappointed with them so I wiped them off but it seems to have either stained the vinyl or took off the underneath paint as it has left that area a completely different color than the rest of my face. I am upset cause she was looking really nice and now I am afraid I will never match coloring that is on the rest of the face. Any suggestions? It in the Gena kit I am working on. Maybe I will have to go to brown eyebrows to take away that pale-ish yellow brow bone area. I wanted to root blonde hair but guess not now. I am BUMMED!!!

It sounds like you took off down to the kit surface, it does get a amber/yellowish hue once painted and stripped. Future tip: Before you do your eyebrows make sure that you bake the kit first. Then if you need to wipe off because of dissatisfaction only the uncured paint wipes off, if you baked them on and then changed your mind and you made thin eyebrows you can make them wispier and a little wider after baking on a little more flesh tone. If you used the premix paints it will be easier to repair, if you mixed your own it will be a little harder, but doable. If you have a heat gun, you can just set the paint there with it, but keep it moving back and forth and do not hold it too close 6" is good, you don’t want to concentrate the heat in one spot for too long, you can melt the area. Hope that this helps you. It would be nice to see what you did, so it gives a better idea of what the problem is.

Happened to me when I didn’t like the position of the brows and removed them with thinner prior to baking. It did not take off any of the baked paint, but it did leave an orange tint to the vinyl. I did a faint bit of very carefully painted thin, thin, blue to neutralize the orange and then painted the brows. Worked fine. If you have a pale yellow color then you would need to use a pale purple to neutralize that. Good luck -

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WOW, thanks a million Pia, I would not have known to do that. I sure will give it a go. Will let you know how it works.

OH - you need to bake the neutralizing color before you reapply the brows - you probably knew that but I failed to mention it!

Thanks, old age is creeping up on me I just may have forgot that so thanks for the rememberance. I think I need a “Remberall”.