Help with sizing baby clothes

Im going to go over to the kiddie korner consignment store to look at baby clothes, but need some help with sizing. I’m guessing the smaller kits 17-19" probably wear preemie sized clothes…yes? After that im lost. What sizes do your 20-21" babies wear, and how about the bigger babies like Sweet Pea, what size should I get for her she’s 23"?


I put my 18-20 inch babies in newborn. It’s a small bit big on the 18 inch babies but not much. Preemie, depending on the brand, is a better fit for a 15-17 inch baby and it might be a bit tight on a 17 incher. However, I’ve seen some “preemie” outfits that could fit an average 6 month old child. I don’t do the bigger babies so I’m no help there


If you use BB’s recommended body for Sweet Pea then she or he will wear size 3-6 months clothes, 20 -21" 0-3 months, and some Newborn.

15-17" Preemie
18-19" Preemie and Newborn (Mostly Newborn)


No I didn’t get the BB bodies for sweet pea, I got a front loading body. Should that make a difference In The clothing size?

In that case, I would try 0-3 months and the 3-6 months. It will depend on the size of the front loading body.

If the body is BB front loading body then size 0-3 months. If you had the body custom made then you will need size 3-6 months clothes.

It’s this body from dolls by sandie for 22-24" babies. Im going to gather the front and the bottom area before i put her together though. i saw another post where someone described how to do the gathered chest and butt.


With that body, I think I would go with size 3-6 month clothes.

I found a few things today, but not nearly as much as I’d imagined. I guess that’s what happens when you wait until the last day of the sale…everything is all picked over.