Help with rings and plug matches

I’m finally getting around to organizing myself and I’ve realized I don’t know a lot of the rings and plugs needed for the kits I have. Can anyone help me fill in the gaps in my chart?

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I dont use rings and plugs. they are not necessary. when you fill your limbs pack tight the top off with extra large cotton balls. I then seal with hot glue and put a cotton round (the round pad like cotton to wipe your face with) ontop of the hot glue. For the flanges I do a swipe of super glue or you can use clear nail polish. hope that this helps.

I wish I could help!!! I want to order a bunch of rings… but don’t know where to begin choosing sizes.

I have noticed that the variety pack… isnt really helpful… I have lots of sizes I never use… lol

I think it is best to order them with the kit.

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I wish BB would do as McPherson’s and have a italicized highlighted list of the items you may want including bodies. It is so much easier than trying to remember the numbers then leave the page to order.

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Yeas, I do that to but I wonder if the glue would eventually wear off.

There’s a variety pack???

I’ve never even noticed MacPherson’s did that

in the flange part I dont think it does. The hot glue may over time but that is just for extra measure between the polyfill cotton balls and cotton rounds you can shake it before you put the glue an dnothing comes out.

Does clear nail polish really work as well as rings? That’d be SO much easier on my poor hands than cramming rings on!

I have been making babies since 2007 I have used rings twice in all of that time lol I usually use the superglue the one that comes with the paintbrush in it. I just started using the clear polish and it works just as well.