Help with pricing!

Took Megan’s pictures today, these are just a few. Im conflicted on how much I should price her for! I currently don’t have a membership but from what I see, there’s only been 3 ethnic Megan’s posted on the website, all sold and I can only see ones price…what would you guys put her price as?

(Had to pay my 6yo brother to take this picture :laughing:)


I don’t have any advice on selling price, but the having to pay your brother to hold the baby makes me laugh. Reminds me of a friend who had an adorable picture of her older son holding their newborn son. I told the older one he looked so nice in the picture, with such a big smile. Kid said “I was thinking about the truck mom promised me if I held the baby” :rofl:


Pricing is so hard, especially when people are not buying alot right now. You could try £450, she is beautiful and her hair is great.
I am loving your brothers huge grin for charging you to hold her haha