Help with pencil for hair please

Hi. I want to try to use pencils for hair, I have the faber castell oil based pencils. Does anyone know if you can draw the hair and still heat the doll or should I wait until the very end of painting with GHSP and draw the hair and seal it with varnish?

Is a prisma pencil a specific brand or are all artist grade colored pencils called prisma?

:blush: thanks

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Yes, Prisma is a specific brand. However be careful with Prisma as not all Prismaโ€™s colors can bake without changing colors.
4-5 years ago it was a post about those colors that changes after baking.


Oh ok thank you


The spy glass at the top of the page is really helpful; I found this:


Oh thank you.
I did look but I probably asked the wrong question.

I appreciate you sending me the link.:blush:
Its very helpful.

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