Help with pellets/where do you get them?

I’m looking to replenish my stock of plastic pellets and I’m trying to find the best bang for my buck. Where do you get your pellets? I want to get at least 10lbs.

Has anyone used these? Extra Heavy Poly Pellets

I can’t help with poly pellets, I use glass beads. But I get my beads in 10lb jugs from amazon for $30 and prime free shipping.


I get mine in 10lb boxes off eBay for 23 bucks or so.

I went and looked at them. I’m not sure if they’re compatible with vinyl but I don’t know why they wouldn’t be-they’re polyethylene. The clear ones that are two down from those are the ones I’d buy-26 lbs for $30. That’s a pretty good price-$1.15 per pound. I use glass beads for preemies and larger but I use polypellets for micro preemie bodies and dolls that need to be a lighter weight.