Help with loose legs

My Lillian reborn kit has such loose legs that when you pick her up the legs spin from front to back. The zip ties are tight as I can get them and she has no rings around her legs. I took those off thinking that may be the problem but it still does it. How do you get the legs to stop spinning so loosely?

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Do you have a picture?
If the zip ties are in the groove and pulled tight…the leg should be very difficult to move .


I bought a completed Sugar with the 3/4 limbs that does this same thing. If you hold the back, the limbs dangle and can rotate completely around. (One of many issues with that doll.) Reminds me of a whirligig. :woman_facepalming:t2:

AHHHH…3/4 limbs…that explains it!!!

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Hmm. Both Lillian sculpts that I looked up have the 3/4 limbs. Is this normal for 3/4 limbs to do?

Where the fabric 1/4 leg is connected to the body…sometimes the connectors are just as loose as can be… :crazy_face:

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You have to tighten the joints of the limb caps. You’ll have to take her apart to do that. Turn the body inside out and squeeze the joints together. You’ll hear them snap into place over each ridge on the post. Try to go down one ridge at a time. If you go too far, they’ll be too tight and won’t move at all. Each time you move it down, turn the body right side out to check how much of a gap there is between the limb cap an the body. It should be close enough that there’s no gap but loose enough that they turn. You can check by holding the fabric of the body and turning the limb. The joints can be hard to squeeze but it is possible.


I have noticed that it depends on the outfit also. Like a footed outfit will prevent the loose feel.
Lillian is a bigger doll so not sure if footed outfits work for her but I think pants would do it also.

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It could be the type of joints that was used. I have found that there are certain joints that the thread on the post does not go down far enough to get a tighter fit once the lock washer is put on. Of course you don’t want to get it too tight or the limbs will not turn at all. There have been several times that I had to switch out the joints on bodies that I have purchased.

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That makes sense. Some snug clothes could help with a loose limb feeling.

This is exactly why I hate 3/4 limbs and now try to avoid them. And they will overly floppy even if rings pushed to the max :rage:

I used to love the 3/4 legs too but now I want a diaper so it has to be full legs for me. 3/4 arms are still ok so far, lol.

No matter how I’ve tried even with vice grips I couldn’t tighten them.

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