Help with kit

Hello ladies hope you had a good holiday?
Can anyone here help me with a kit that resembles my daughter inlaw ?
I attached her baby pic!
Thank you


I am sure Jlesser can help you when she sees it. She is excellent.

Ok, great thank you :slight_smile:

I see Maike by Gudrun Legler


She looks somewhat like a Li to me

I thought of Grayson by Bonnie Brown but sold out

I think we need another pic, but I am horrible at this, lol!

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Well the hard part is her dad died when she was 9 cancer her mom died when she was 12 in her arms they were in a car accident. It’s the only pic we could get from distant family and it was hard to get :frowning: she considers my husband and I her parents and we love her as we do our sons.
I have reborns tbst look like both my boys as babys and want to get one that looks like her as well!


Awe so sweet of you! Can’t wait to see who you pick!

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Thank you

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One of these? Alina by Linde Scherer or Keelan by Sabine Hansen) not sure what their limbs are like

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Will Scholl or Ashley awake?

Wow… jlesser
Thank you that first one in pink I have to find her she looks so much like her… my daughter inlaw has blue eyes but her pic makes them look black but I can get her done in blue. Do you know where I can find this baby?

I thought Will Scholl also. Is he sold out?? Nik had one she was trying to sell the other day, it was a finished kit though.

Thank you everyone we actually decided to go with Ashley awake my son Amber’s husband thinks this one looks the most like his wife! If you look thru the real Ashley baby pics you can see her blue eyes to which Amber has :slight_smile: my friend custome made the one to look like my sister for me ,my sister is deceased. So she is going to do this one as well! I will share when she is done!