Help with discoloration!

Ladies, I need your help!. The last doll I made that I shipped home last week… The T-shirt that I had on the doll turned green in some spots! And then a T-shirt that my customer put on the doll did the same exact thing. It doesn’t seem to be where the vinyl touches the T-shirt - It seems to be where the T-shirt touched the cloth body. Have you ever heard of this happening? Thinking that the cloth body was not colorfast? This is a first!


Wow that’s really odd! I hope you can figure out what caused it, I have no idea what would do that


Weird! Any baby powder smell added? Some people use a oil or spray on the fabric body instead of wafer?

Good thought, but no, my customer specifically did not want any scent added so I didn’t put anything on the body. Also, she tested the vinyl parts with the white cloth and some water, and absolutely no paint came off the vinyl (I didn’t expect it to because it’s been baked a million times, sealed and baked some more). So I’m really beginning to think it’s the dye used in the fabric of the cloth body.

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Looks to be the spots where the limbs attatch to the body, is there a chance they werent sealed as well at the flanges? Like when we get paint in the area where the body will attach but dont varnish that area because it isn’t exposed after the body is on?
Have you asked her to test the body with the white cloth? I would have her do that too, and if it is clean, see if the same happens in the exact spots where the shirts are being stained?
Best of luck, I imagine it is a frustrating situation.

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That’s a very good point about the flange area, however that is only about a half an inch wide at best, so I’d think we would see a green discoloration stripe with the same width if that were the case.

One more picture, showing where the waistband of her pants were against the T-shirt.

That’s really weird. Neither the bodies nor vinyl are green so it’s hard to say where it came from. Were any clothes put on over the onesie or t-shirt? It might be from that.

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Thanks, Jean. The clothes put over the onesie were all colors except green. In fact, The first outfit I put on her was black and white polkadots.

The body came in a kit from MacPherson’s.

What color is the body? Did you happen to sign it with a sharpie or anything? That’s so odd I’ve never seen something like this!

No, I don’t sign the bodies… so aggravating!

By the way, you all are so caring and helpful!!!

Did you contact MacPherson’s? Maybe they’re having their bodies made someplace new and would want to know about this.

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The joints don’t happen to be metal do they?

Going to contact them on Tuesday. Will keep you posted! Will check if joints are metal, though the discoloration is also across the belly.

With it being at the waistband makes me think it is actually the body, since it puts more pressure on the body there, that would make sense as to why it is “soaking” into the area as well. So weird! Was it a white or tan body? Do you have any similar on hand you could set a damp cloth on and see if some color bleed happens?
It is just odd that it is soaking into the shirts like that when the body isnt even wet… I havent heard of this happening to anyone, but we really need to figure this out lol!! We cant have this happening to anyone else, and we need to let the company know if it is an issue with bodies or something!!
Those spots where the clothing got stained, are the bodies now discolored underneath?

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Totally looks like the cloth body is fading onto the shirt. I would replace the cloth body.

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It was a tan body, and I’ll have the doll in hand next Sunday! Going to try to figure out what happened by doing some experiments on that same body. My customer ordered the kit from MacPherson’s so we will also notify them tomorrow.

There is definitely green in brown, so it is possible that the body is bleeding through. I wonder if they switched the company they get them from?! I worked quality control for factories for a while so I can definitely see it being a section of fabric that wasnt washed correctly after dye or something like that! So weird?!


It’s good to hear you say this, and from experience!