Help with body!

I need a full limb, side loading body for a 21 inch baby. Can anyone tell me which body to order on BB. Thanks in advance!

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3773 (has kind of a big butt) or 565 should work.

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Thank you so much!

Is the 3773 full leg side loading body!

Yes, 21" with full arms and side loading full legs.

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Yea, I’m doing the happy dance! thanks again!

Who are you making?

Abigail by Reva Schick, waiting for her to arrive on Wednesday.

She’s a cute one. I’ve got Tatiana in my stash. I really like Reva Schick’s sculpts. Have you done the LDC kits before?

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I like Reva Schicks’ babies too. I have a lot of her babies from Lee Middleton. I have’nt tried the LDC kits yet, so we will see how it goes with Abigail. I also ordered Bella By Bonnie Sieben . They are both LDC kits according to Mac’s. How many have you done?

Also any pointers or advice?

Not really. I’m just doing my first one, Ilse by Menna Hartog. The vinyl is really soft, almost like not solid silicone. You’ll like the feel of it. I’m almost done with painting, then I have to seal and root her. No hard head here. I’m going to fill it with polypellets and pack them in with a paper towel so there’s some resistance when pushing the needle in. Otherwise, her head just collapses unless you pinch the spot you’re rooting. I tried it without hair before I started painting. I use air dry paints and I don’t know how this really soft vinyl will hold up with baking.
Do you know if Abigail is ball jointed?

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Abigail is not ball jointed, but Bella is. I really want to see pictures of your baby when you are ready.

I’ll post some.

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Thank you!