Help with BB bodies


I am almost embarrassed to ask this but I am having an issue with the cable ties on the bb bodies.

Are they meant to close at the front or back. I have always closed them at the front and thought how silly it was that they were the only ones that didnt close at the back. Hate the little lumpy bit at the front on neck and arms and legs.

I then thought well maybe I just have been getting it wrong and of course they are meant to be at the back like everyone else does. So despite me thinking it didnt look right, I put a baby together like this and it was just plain strange (broader across the front than the back, and arched backwards, swinging limbs) and had to take it apart and redo closing at the front.

Please------does anyone else have a view on this.

Yup, I have always thought the BB bodies were a bit strange that way with too much space between the arms in front and not enough in back. I have actually popped the joints apart and made a new hole for the arms a little further forward a few times.

BB bodies (and all other body patterns I have seen) are supposed to close in the back. They are designed so the arms have more space in the front than the back. The idea if I remember correctly was that real babies have bigger/broader chests than backs and when a baby lies down its arms fall more to the back. When I have used a BB body I just go with it but I mostly sew my own bodies and I don’t place my arms on my own bodies quite so far back.

Thanks all for you help, and Rosemarie for your kind words. I will struggle on and see if I can do. I can live with the chest it is the back arch I really think is strange. I will try to move the stuffing around.