Help with a project

Does anyone know where I’d be able to get a fairly cheap hospital blanket, hat and bracelet? I’m making a special memorial doll for a friend and am having trouble finding these items for a decent price.
Thank you in advance! :heart:


Dolls by Sandie has an 8 piece set on sale for $12


The shipping to Canada is too much, unfortunately. But thank you though!

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I would try eBay, if you haven’t already . You can specify that you only want items in your country, I find a lot of my hospital stuff there


I have some and I am in Canada .
Do you need it for a boy or a baby girl ?
I do had sets with hospitAl blanket , hat , mittens , bracelet , side snap T shirt , pacifier , diapers .
Comes in size preemie and newborn .
Will pm price

I can make you a package like this one including mittens .
$25usd + shipping


MacPherson’s has the blankets, hats and ID bracelets under Reborn Supplies A-Z.

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Try Facebook marketplace?

I bought a ton of hospital blankets from a garage sale a few years back for .50 each and then promptly washed them with a pen :woozy_face:

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Thank you! It would be for a micro preemie boy, so the other stuff would probably be much too big.
I think I’ve found something, but I’m not sure.

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