Help with 10 inch Claire"s Body

I have tried over and over and i do not see how the legs can possible fit in the thing. I am trying to get her done for my 2 year old granddaughter and I am getting so frustrated! Those who have made this one - did you have any problems or is it just me??

Does the opening seem too small or what?

It is so big - I can not get it tight enough (cable ties) to hold the legs in. This is the 2nd body I have gotten, because I thought maybe the first one was just not the right one.
Even tried with the strings - and it just doesn’t cinch up enough.

I’ve made a few - no problems.

Are you sure it’s the correct body?

The recommended body does NOT fit. I made my own for Byron with 3/4 arms and full legs. I just couldn’t deal with the bunched up fabric. The leg caps are way too big and in the wrong position for these legs. The arm caps bunch too.

I don’t know what I did wrong to make it fit right, lol!

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My body fit my Krishna Byron. :thinking::thinking:

I painted Byron and his body was fine perhaps its the kit ?

Maybe I’m just really picky, but it seems like those leg caps are for 3/4 limbs and Claire’s are full. Even in the advertising photo the caps are bunched.

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I am positive it is the correct body - I ordered it twice - thinking the first time they must have sent the incorrect body. It is not going to work - I do know that!

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