Help! what kit is this?

I have had this baby for about a year and I have been asked several times what kit she is…Honestly I have no clue. can you all help me???
I am in the process of getting her ready to sale and since I has alot of questions I just couldnt answer, I think I lost out on a sale a few months back :disappointed:

Thanks ladies for your help

I’ve looked through my emails and I honestly done remember where I purchased her. she was an impulse buy

Cookie Rubert!!!


And it is A BB kit too I made one in the past and I had a hard time parting with her!

thank you, that’s what I was starting to settle on!

she has the sweetest face but I just cant bond with her since the beginning :disappointed:
I’ve even tried making her a boy! I think I prefer toddlers or newborns. She’s too heavy and head is a little more floppy than I would prefer.

I think I am going to try to sale or trade her very soon

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so after searching as best as I know how, I still cant find the artist and the buyer who sold her to me told me that she isn’t aware of who this sweet girl’s artist is either so I have decided I am going to try to fix her myself. I am just going to reweight her torso as it seems to be my biggest issue. unsure if I am going to reweight her head but I probably will wig her… wish me luck!! (

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So… I’ve reweighted Charlie and she feels so much better. I even bought her some new hair. this is the “Sammy” 16-17" from Monique collection. How does this look on her? Do I need to take some length off? is E6000 glue ok to apply?

I had the same floppy head problem when I made my kit of Cookie , I love the little girl myself so I found a work around for mine.It may not be something you would want to do but I used a cut down water bottle measured it to fit inside and stapled it into a cone .
I then stuffed her bottom put in the cone added a weighted vinyl glove inside the cone added more stuffing and another vinyl glove . after that I stuffed around the cone before adding her head .
I gave up some softness through the chest area however it made it sturdy enough to support her head here is a pic of mine supporting her big head .


So, I don’t need to rewrite her head? I need to stuff her body?

Is your dolls head weighted? I did not put weight in mine I only stuffed it so she could sit up better and not be top heavy .However she still had a slight flop to her head so I did as I explained in my post to add some stiffness to support her head . This was just my idea to work around the floppy head .
I am sure others may have their own ideas, since I don’t plan on selling or giving her away I was fine with her chest not being as soft and squishy.
I did not weight her arms either I only added stuffing to them so the only weight she has is from the body and leg weight since she is so big it cuts down on her being so heavy .

Well… Her head has stuffing but nothing else.I might redo her again I don’t like her body and that wig is waaaay to much hair

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Yes , her body can be a pain its takes some playing to figure out how it works best for what you want but once it is there I am sure you will enjoy her .
The head was my main issue I just didn’t like the floppy head and since the head is so large it takes some work to figure what works for you .
I just knew she was a keeper so I figured I would find a work around for that issue and that’s what I came up with I am sure if you put your mind to it you could find a work around of your own.

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thanks I’ll probably work on her in a few weeks

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Told her someone else would have a method of their own , there is always a work around and this sounds good to me .
Is the head still moveable when doing it this way? I made Cookie a little over a year ago and came up with my quick fix and since I will be doing another sitting baby soon I might try your method on for size.

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Thanks ladies I’ll have some time in a few weeks to play around with both and I’ll let y’all know what happens😁

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Tried the foam spine , and so far I like it better than mine very good tip glad you posted


hmmm… hopefully I will have some time this weekend

A friend of mine asked if she could buy Charlie “As is” for work. She is a therapist at a nursing home and wanted to use in sessions with her patients. I’ll be sad to see her go since I have started working on her. But glad she can be of some help to others!!

With that being said… I will be selling the remainder of her things that aren’t going with her soon.

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