Help! Reborns with heads caving/denting

Hi there everyone! I have a few reborn dolls that are having issues with heads caving in. These are my personal collection babies that I’ve had made and not ones I have made. I have had them for years. I will admit I store them in a plastic tub/bin on top of each other only because I don’t really have room to display them in my room. Could the way I’m storing them be causing the issues with the heads? They were painted with genesis heat set paint. Besides placing them somewhere else, what can I do to fix it? Can I stuff them with more polyfil? I love these dolls and I hope I don’t come off as a bad reborn mommy.



Maybe you could put shelves on the wall to display them? Are they rooted?

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Yes some are rooted and some are bald.

Heating can make the dents pop out. The bald ones you could try heating with a hair dryer. Then you can stuff them tightly with polyfil so they can’t cave in again. Are you a reborn artist or only a collector?

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They either are caving in due to the pressure of another doll on top of them or having them in the tub has over time created some sort of vaccuum that has sucked them in. I would take them all out and remove the heads and see if they will pop out with a little manipulation and maybe a little extra poly fill. It is true heat will help with that but you have to be careful not to melt the eyelashes if they are affixed or burn the hair.


Either they get dented from too much force on them, or the pressure inside the containers is off.
Are the containers in a room where there are big temperature changes?

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Hi everyone! To answer some questions,
I am mostly a collector, I am a beginning reborn artist and paint with air dry paints. My dolls in my collection were made by artists using Genesis heat set paint.

I don’t think my bedroom has a bunch of temp changes. I’m realizing it is probably from putting my dolls on top of each other. I will figure out some other way of storing them.
Thanks for your replies! They are helpful!

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