help please

I have 2 babies, Blinkins, whom are ready for hair and they need painted hair. My grand daughter gets one for her birthday and the other one also goes to a one of my foster grand daughters.I have 3 grand daughters at this moment. For those who do not know my son and his wife are foster parents, the foster kids are mine also. I just can not share pictures of them. Any way my granddaughter will be 3 at the end of March, her Ruthie she got for Christmas, Oh My Gosh! The newest grand daughter fell in love with Ruthie. I made her a baby, not named yet and she needs hair badly! I need some help painting hair with pencils or paint or something. I need a good mapped out step by step tutorial. Can anyone help me! I painted them as preemies. If this helps any.

I need the same information that you are asking for… Have been searching for hair tutorial… If you are on FaceBook, you can go to “Learn to Reborn The Beautiful Baby Way” and Nicole Russell has a number of different tutorials under “PHOTOS”… Chapter 8 deals with hair done with Prism Pencils… I am just afraid to mess up my babies (Sam and Sera) so I have practicing on a $7.00 baby that I got at the store and stripped… I am not good at it, but I am still practicing on a “dummy” head… Good luck…

Yes like Pia said she is helpful i have never painted hair before i wish i could help i would like to learn

I learnt the hair thru the facebook learn to reborn the beautiful baby way, so good, i put some photos up the other day of them on the painted hair topic, i found it easy once you start, very sharp pencil and light strokes. plus you need a eraser. If you seal the head with matt first i found it easy to draw the hair on and then the eraser worked better for mistakes, where as if i didnt seal it, it would get a shine too it and not take the pencil in that spot.

Im going to draw hair on the doll i have here, i would like to start tonight so I will take step by step photos and post them here as a tutorial of what i do… and im no expert at it at all … far from it, but I like the way i do it.

Oh and i like to use black and charcoal. So this baby tonight will have dark hair.

Natalie, somewhere last week there were posts about the black prisma pencil looking orange after baking…I don’t know if anyone had a solution for that since it was an unusual situation for the product. Rhonda

I only could find chapters 1=5

If you will click at the top after you open “photos” where it says “see all photos/videos”, it will give you a lot more albums…