Help paint rolling off?

Hi,Sher1 here,need some help.I am using GHS paints and doing a custom AA toddler , It is a Regina Swailkowski sculpt Peggy. I washed with Dawn and applied a base skin coa,t baked ,then I tried to apply another layer but the paint is streaking and rolling off the sculpt.I see what looks like spots of oil where it won’t take. I have been reborning for 5yrs and have never run into this. It stated it was German vinyl peach color, because it is German vinyl ,is it different somehow? Thanks everyone for your help. :footprints:

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Try stripping what you’ve done and wiping it down really well with alcohol and a washcloth. Then seal and try again.


IMO German vinyl is the hardest to get to hold paint. It holds details best in terms of the molds of wrinkles and rolls etc. However, I always have problem spots with paint sticking whether I have used Genesis or Air Dry paints.

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What kind of thinner are you using? If I mix Genesis thinning medium with mottling layers, it never works…have to use the liquid thinner instead.

Also, be sure your oven temp is correct ~ I found out mine bakes a good 10* higher than it says it does.

Lastly, sometimes a layer of heat set matte varnish before painting helps…a thin, pounced really well layer, THIN. Did I say THIN?! LOL

That’s all I can think of; hope you’ll let us know how you’re coming along.


I’m using Madonna thinner, have used it for 5yrs now, I’ll check temp but its rolling off when I try to pounce it. I will attempt the alcohol and matte varnish to see if that will work or the thinning medium. Anjsmiles has it , I have problem spots where it won’t stick. :smiley: I’ll give it a go today and let you know. Thanks for all the help. Hugs

Same here

I used to wipe these kits down with alcohol but then someone told me that can actually worsen the problem if you are using air dry paints so I don’t do that now. I found now that I am using air dry paints I do have to prime the German kits with Folk Art Glass and Tile medium before painting. When I was using Genesis, I would hit the trouble spots with matte varnish and heat set that then paint over it. That seemed to help.

A word of caution. I talked to the people at FolkArt and they said they don’t recommend it on vinyl as it was created for substances such as wood and cley that are porous surfaces. They told me it would crack and peel if used on vinyl as it is not flexible. I have used it diluted with water by 50% as a shine remover and haven’t had a problem with that.

Are you talking about the Outdoor Matte Sealer or the Glass and Tile Medium? I am referring to the Glass and Tile medium. Glass is not porous. I have used it diluted as well and have had no issues with it what so ever. Baby FX has a product called Sure Bond that IS made to use on vinyl as a sealer or primer. However, it does leave behind a sheen. Melissa told me they have now developed a loose matting agent that you can add to the Sure Bond to make it totally matte. You can control how matte you want it by how much of the matting agent you add. This product is still in production and has not yet be released for purchase so as soon as it hits the market I will be getting it and switching to it instead for all my priming and shine reduction.

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I asked about both and they said because they’re not flexible they wouldn’t recommend them for vinyl but I’m not sure they ever tested it on vinyl. Does the Glass and Tile Medium leave as rough a finish when it’s diluted? Do you dilute 50/50 with water?

The Glass and Tile medium IMO is more matte than the Outdoor Sealer. The Outdoor sealer says on the bottle not to paint over it. The Glass and Tile Medium says it can be used as a primer and at the end to seal. I actually prefer it. If you use it full strength it does have some texture. I cut it no more than 50% with water and adjust according to how slick my vinyl is. If I need more tooth I back the water down. I pounce it on with a wedge and then pounce over it with a dry wedge so I am getting a very thin application.

Well ladies I washed him with Dawn, then wiped him down with alcohol, wiped that off. I checked my oven temp. I then mixed (no laughing) paint, thinner, matte varnish and thinning medium gel got a nice thin mix and pounced. baked him ha ha at 265 for 9min. this morning I did the goodold q tip test and the paint is actually staying on no sign of it coming off, hooray. I’m hoping that this will go more smoothly now, thank you all.Simone good luck I don’t think I will buy German again,what a pain and especialyl it being a custom for Xmas. Hopefully this will continue to work now thanks again… :grinning:


If the first layer sticks, the rest should, too.

I’m feeling better about it now, it did stick so onward. I’ll post it when I get him going more and when finished.gosh I don’t ever want to disappoint a customer. They always have a picture in their mind what it should look like and you always worry, will they love it and is it what they expected…thanks

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Plaid is the company name

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Yes, that’s it. Plaid is the Co name like Karen said and FolkArt is the product line title.

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