Help! Overly Mottled

Hi Everyone!

I have managed to overly mottle my 3 month Joseph Awake. His limbs look great, it is just his head and face (of course). I have added at least 5 Flesh 08 layers, 2 blush layers, and a mint green wash. Does anyone have any suggestions? If I keep layering Flesh 08 will it become less noticeable? Should I add another mottling layer (blue, purple, yellow?) so the red mottle blends better, or should I just strip it and start over? Suggestions would be most appreciated!!


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I don’t think it will be covered that well with flesh tones. What kind of paints are you using?

Genesis Heat Set. I think it was just too saturated.

If you’ve baked it already, I’d probably strip it and start over. But maybe someone else on here has a better idea.


I was going to suggest more mottling.

This will be hard to correct with out the paint looking thick and chalky. Can you strip just the head?

What color mottling would you suggest?

It is starting to look chalky. I am thinking it is time to strip. I should be able to just strip the head. Thank you!!


Yeah been there done that bLue is the hardest color for me to use. I have had to strip also.

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Good luck! I think you will be much happier :heart: And way less work than trying to color correct!

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Stripped. Feeling much better already!! Thanks!!

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Yay you!!’ Now make that baby beautiful!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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That’s what some of us now call “the Maven mottle.” My granddaughter Maven had mottling like that on her limbs at 3 months old. But her face was fairly even. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Omg i love the “Maven mottle”!!! Every baby is so different.


Thanks for your help!!