Help needed on

i can do veins but the little capillaries are driving me crazy. I saw someone bought the towel and use that with finger. I tried that and got blotchies of color. Can someone help me with them? Or explain what i am not doing right with the wash cloth?

I never heard of either of these methods. I thought you had to just paint them on. I learned something new!! How do you make it look like capilliaries with a towel or sponge?

Thank u so much i am going to give it a try!

Thanks for sharing. I will have to try this technique next time. Sounds like it will work well.

Do you just paint capillaries on the eyelids? I haven’t tried them anywhere else but if you do, then where and how much?

Debora, I would say to try a little more paint in the mix and then when you put it on the sponge, dab it on a papertowel a little so it won’t be quite so “runny.”