Help need magnets for pacifiers!

I can’t remember for sure who on here sells the magnets for the honey bugs pacifiers? I’ve been waiting for weeks on my order from macphersons and it arrived today with NO magnets! It appears they were ripped right from the package due to lack of proper packaging :frowning: now I am in need of some magnets ASAP! Anyone?

Call them! They need to make it right :slight_smile:

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I order mines in a lot from EBay MagnetsRUS much cheaper

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Thanks! And I did send them an email, but I need the magnets yesterday! Lol. I’ll have to order from somewhere in the US for faster shipping. @specialmoments how do you know what size to order for the honey bugs pacifiers?

These are the ones I get

Sandies dolls has them and are pretty quick mailing out.

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Thank you!!

Yes, your right, I’m sure that’s what happened. There was a hole in the bag.

Thank you!

@JillianJade will spoil you. Order from her and she sends them with magnets already in the pacifier.


Someone posted before they buy magnets from Home Depot. If you need them right away.

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I get mine from Home Depot. There are 2 depts. that have them. The ones near the paint should be the neodymium magnets. They have all sizes.


Well isn’t that good to know, thank you!


Great idea!

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Yup Home Depot for me too! What other dept besides near paint?

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I don’t remember exactly but there were some about 2 isles over, they were the ones most of the employees kept sending me to.

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Thanks Anne!! :slight_smile:

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