Help - need a match

Does anyone know of a sculpt that might match this beauty?


I am seeing a beranger like rosebud mabe???

Yeah -

Isn’t she so sweet - her mother and I have not been able to find a match for her. My husband says she is too beautiful. But I know if there is a match out there, you gals are gonna find it.


Well she is so beautiful if there isnt a sculpt then mabe someone will do a scupt of her likeness!!!

Thank you ladies, I will suggest those 2 to her. KEEP 'M COMMIN !!


OMG! My first thought is that she looks just like this Berenguer if you set the eyes at an angle. I don’t know if you can still find this one or not but she is a 17" la Newborn and makes a 19" baby.

NOW, before you look at this photo and die laughing, keep in mind that this is one of the first few babies I reborn back when all I knew to do was wig them, blush them and change out the eyes and body. It is a fru fru dolly for sure but my sister in law still loves her!

Robbie  baby  - a

Thank you Angie and BabiesEverAfter. I DID suggest those two to her. I guess she is really looking to get almost exact (we all know that is not going to happen), but she DID choose a Berenguer for her son (Samuel) who is Rachel’s twin.

I think I am going to re-group some of the ones I sent her and re-send. Maybe she will see something she didn’t see the first time around.

In the meantime - I appreciate any other suggestions. You gals are the best, you know!!!


You are absolutely right, she is gorgeous. I have found some that might help. The first one is Emma by Adrie Stoete. This is a brand new one. She even has the dimples.

This one is Lillian by Antonio Juan. I hope Neverland Nursery forgives me for borrowing their beautiful pic:

And lastly, this is a beautiful kit by Adrie Stoete called Melody. She is gorgeous.

Tell me what you think…

MariRosette and Magsbk -

Who sculpted Marley Marie???


oooooohhhhh - I like her. who is she??


Gee ladies - you are doing great. I have sent all your suggestions to my customer. I hope one of them suits her, 'cause I think we’re running out of babies

She sure is a tough one!!


Any more suggestions for me??