Help me please......?

I have noticed being on here you guys pick really good kits to match with babies…! PLEASE HELP ME FIND A KIT TO MATCH THIS LITTLE ANGEL… I truly need help.Also I never formally introduced myself my name is Noell Emerson I live in Sacramento California with my husband of 22 years 32 years together and my five children ages 17-8.I have been an artist, painter ,and sculptor for 30 years making a living.I however only been reborning since Feb 2013.LOVE THE art and I have devoted all my time into these s as a career which we need desperately with 3 big sons who are eating us out of house and home lol…! Jk anyway ease help match if you could please and thanks so much…


I see Erin by Adrienne Stoete.

Also in the closed mouth photos a bit like Denver Rose by Marita Winters.

Or Landon by Tamie Yarie.

I think this one is a good match with the thin lips and all keep um coming lol I want to give her mom choice I thought of jemma on BB but I think this matches a lot better.

Oh I mean Denver rose good match thinner features I notice on this baby.

Joel by Heike Kolpin looks like the last photo.

I think Erin’s a good match of the ones shown! :thumbsup:

I would normally pick a more expensive kit for a match, but that second picture really looks a lot like BB’s Gemma to me.

I see lillesol by Sabine Altenkirch. Macphersons has this idk how to do the links but this is it Lillesol by Sabine Altenkirch

Ha! Did it work??

I thought so I left all those sculpt pictures with mom…tick tock tick tock…No message back yet thanks so very much to all who helped…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy::joy::joy:

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That was my first choice but she said it looked like her son end quote…I guess you know when you know…

I think Juniper by Sabine may also be a good one.