Help me pick my next kit!

So I have a doll selling tomorrow so I can finally get a new kit. I’m having trouble deciding on a kit
I prefer preemies that actually look like preemies and not mini newborns, and newborn sized kits the most. Awake or asleep doesn’t matter. Preferably from MacPherson’s because I can’t afford shipping and customs fees from the US

Blessing by Marita Winters is very preemie looking and MacPherson’s has her. She’s 15 inches.

That’s the doll that I’m selling tomorrow lol I agree she’s gorgeous and very preemie like


You could do another one. Lewis by Tina Kewy is pretty realistic. 13 inches, 1/4 arms, 3/4 legs. $55
Sweet Dreams by Ruth Annette is preemie looking. 14 inches, 3/4 arms, full legs. $99.99


preorder or buying one in stock?

I don’t like painting the same sculpt multiple times.
I like Sweet Dreams but her legs seem to be a it chubbier than a baby her size would be.

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Preferably in stock, but I’ll do either.


What about Daisy by Bonnie Brown? 16 inches, preemie proportionate limbs.

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12.5 inch Salia is on preorder, full price is $79.99
Full limbs, tummy plate and body included


She is cute.
@jlesser Salia is really cute too, I want her but I also am not sure if I do lol I don’t think I’d be able to sell a baby that small.


Ashley is a realistic preemie. I just got this one in a swap and she is adorable. She has the head shape of a real preemie.


She’s really pretty! I’ve painted Ashley too lol

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Have you done Levi Brown, Chase Brown, April k, Uriel Lopez, Ramsey Brace or Tink Brown?

Uriel is precious! I’ve been seriously considering him.

@vcasborn I’ve done Levi Brown. And I have an upcoming custom order for Tink. I don’t like April, and I’m indifferent about Ramsey. I think I’ll go with Uriel


Oh my goodness she is so precious! Great price too!

I just had to have her, so I went and bought her, my first Mc Phearsons kit purchase! Thank you for sharing her!


I was just going to suggest April!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh, yes. The bitty babies sell. The ones I’ve made sold the fastest.

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For me too Jean :slight_smile:

Mavie by Evelina Wosnjuk?