Help me decide Adelaid's sex and eye color MORE NEW BOY PICS ADDED

Love him as a boy with brown eyes. Too cute!

Looks good both ways but I prefer the girl.Of course if you are selling it,I have never seen a boy from this kit,so may sell quickly as a boy.

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Boy! I like the blue eyes but either would look nice. I love that cutie!

Thank you all for responding. This has been fun. I need to count and see what the vote is. it seemed it was heading toward boy so I made a couple of better pictures of Adelaid as a boy.


They are Both adorable, my vote is girl with blue eyes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Boy with blue eyes.focused_179048752-stock-photo-portrait-smiling-little-boy-blue

I know a lot of people are voting for blue eyes. The blue is beautiful. But here’s my thought on that. We get to use blue for any infant or toddler pretty much. Brown is limited to older babies, toddlers, and ethnic babies. You don’t see as many brown eyed Reborns. And most adelaides have blue eyes. The blonde hair, brown eye, boy combination really makes him stand out.


I totally agree.


I agree with boy, but JMO, the brown ones are showing up kind of gold color on my screen?? if you def want to use these eyes, I would do blue eyed boy

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Gosh that is a hard choice they are both adorable. I love the little boy’s eyes looking to the side like that it makes the cutest expression on this face.

One last time, as a boy with blue eyes and a darker brown eyes.


LOVE the blue eye boy here! And I’m a suckered for brown eyes!

girl, blue eyes…nice work!

What about green eyes? Both are nice though!

I like the lighter brown ones better with his complexion and hair color.

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Still love him as boy with the light brown eyes, with that beautiful blond hair.

Even before seeing the added photos my vote was for a Boy with the blue eyes. Then after seeing the new photos 100% boy with blue eyes. He looks wonderful in the blue checker suit with trains on it.

I think the little blue eyed boy is adorable, however I do like the darker brown eyes in the doll. I don’t like the first brown eyes at all, they are too light (or could be the light or my monitor) and look very unrealistic to me. JMO.

I like the dark brown eyes better. I do see boy.

my final vote, blue eyed boy <3