Help me choose a new baby

Wow, there all very good. That’s gonna be tough for you to decide!! I’d pick #5… good luck deciding!! Please share once you do

There’s a blank Cathy kit on eBay for approx. $304.43 USD (coming from Canada) + approx. $38 shipping if you want her that bad.

What kits are baby 6 and 7?

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6 is April by Joanna Kazmierzak. 7 is Shaya by Bonnie Sieben.

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Who is #8? It’s so, so newborn looking.

Thats Odessa, Laura Lee Eagles new baby. She is meant to be for sale on the 29th.

The first one is Abigail by Laura Tuzio Ross. The last one is Adele by Ping Lau.

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My favorite is Adele, Penny, and number 10 the one before Adele. The 3 of them look cute for a quick cuddle and I prefer open eyes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cathy has my heart though!

Who is 5? Thanks

Bellami but looks sold out on Macphersons, havent looked elsewhere


Dolls So Real has Bellami and she’s on sale for $10 off.

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Thanks I just ordered. :grin:

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I bought Cathy and penny to do portrait sculpts of my two youngest girls. Victoria always kept her tongue out all the time so it reminds me of her. And Trinity looks a lot like Penny in my opinion

Uploading: B76F3317-537D-40E6-B693-67E823A92626.jpeg… These first photos are all Tori. These are of Trinity. They are photos of photos so not the best but you get the idea. image


I think they are perfect!

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Who are these 2 ??? Love them both!

Odessa by Laura Lee Eagles and Abigail by Laura Tuzio-Ross

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I’m going to need Odessa!!! Thank you Lovely Lesser!!! :kiss: @jlesser


My vote is Odessa or LouLou

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I love Odessa but not sure how I feel about the forehead in some photos the crease is not as pronounced like in some but I’m really worried I will not like it.