Help matching kit?

This is a picture of my son in law when he was a baby. His mom asked me to make a baby for her that looks like him.
This will be hard for both of us he died 4 years ago while at work when my granddaughter was 3 months old and my daughter and him had only been married 3 months.My daughter fell apart after this that is why my husband and I have custody of her. Not sure I can do this while I’m writing I holding back the tears.
The fist picture is of Joe as a baby the others are Joe and my granddaughter August Rhein. She looks so much like him that even if we find a kit resembling her it would work.And one with August and her Aunt.

and she would like open eyes.

Well after the upload the third picture is Joe’s baby pictures.

Wow that is a good match thank you.

Maybe Thomas Awake or Scarlet for eyes open I am going to go look at McPhersons and Dolls by sandy.

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From Mac Phersons a sleeping kit Gus by Tina Kewy and an Awake kit Nicolai by Angela Wilkins.

I think the Awake kit would really work for you.

I didn’t find a match at dollsbysandie

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Thank you going to check it ou.

here is a link for Nicolai.

WOW ~ both babies are gorgeous, all that beautiful HAIR!

I’m so sorry for your loss; I’m sure this is very difficult for you (((HUGS)))


Does Nicolai work for you?

I did like him but I think I like Scarlet better which do you think is best out of those two?

If it were me I think I would save a few bucks and get Scarlet because she on sale right now for $17.98 I think.

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So true and she really is a good match I think Lupe would like her as her Joe.

I am sure she will like her if you make her to look like him and yes scarlet is a good match.

Nina Legler-Fine Artistic Dolls on FB has her and if you message her you can sometimes get her for as low as $62.

Valentina Legler-Fine Artistic Dolls should also have her, same price as Nina

Julietta Blick

Dimitri Stoete

Jill Stoete

Honey by BB

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Those are all really cute now I just want them lol

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Thought I would add a picture of my daughter and one of my granddaughter how she looks today.

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What do you think about Lulu?

I first thought Lulu but then I saw scarlet and she was a better match but Lulu could work if painted and rooted just right. Lulu is a good match for your granddaughter (she is beautiful) but Scarlet matches her father baby picture best.


I think you are right maybe I will do them both at the same time!


Ha Scarlet it no longer on sale lol