Help matching a kit for a friend

My childhood friend just emailed me and wants me to make her Daughter a reborn that resembles her. I have never tried this before, but told her I would try. This is the picture she sent me.

Does anyone know what BB kit would match the best. I want to stick with BB kits since she doesn’t have much money and I’m only charging her for the supplies.

Thanks :smile:


This is another picture of her older.



Kitten is a good match, but I don’t think I would have time to root that huge head in time. What do you think about Holly?

If she wants a smaller baby Gena/Gabriel.

I immediately thought of Kitten as soon as I saw the picture and before I even read the other responses… Definitely Donna RuBert’s Kitten sculpt!!

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I used a wig on my kitten, she turned out super cute! She sold super fast:-)


What wig did you use? She is a cutie!!!

The wig is called “Jessica” , I ordered it from dolls by Sandie:-)

What about Crystal by Rubert.

I was thinking Blaze when I first saw the picture.

Kitten is a pretty good match. Kemper Dolls has two wigs that would work-Cassidy and Cassie. Also, on the Kemper website, under wigs on page 6, in the bottom right corner, the doll looks just like this baby. I don’t know what doll it is, could be a Berenguer. Maybe Kemper would know. The doll’s modeling the Ellie wig.

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I did a lookalike baby…the hardest part is deciding upon the right kit…?the ladies here helped me a lot…!!..

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Kitten is a very good match :grin:

As soon as I saw the photo, my eyes slid straight to the Kitten baby currently sitting on my sofa. She was the first kit that popped into my head :smile:

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I think I may try Blaze. I told her about Kitten, but she said Kitten would be to big.

I think she looks more like Kimber than Blaze.


Helen…I think you might be right about Kimber. I probably thinking Blaze because of the shape of the head.

@kissnangel I would show the kit choices to your frien and let her pick. That’s what I do with my portrait reborns and the customers have all been happy with their selection.


I think kitten would work, heres Baby Bones, looks like a good match, just do a sparse on

the hair.