Help--Lip color

Yikes !!! My lips are way to purple!!! I have looked at the color wheel and I can’t decide between, violet, red violet or blue violet. I have tried all the cross colors and nothing is helping----what do I do now? I wish I could get them off and start over but that’s not possible, and my doll is finished pretty much. SOOOOOO HELP PLEASE.

Thanks ladies, I will try again—the paint is starting to look very thick and icky.

You can VERY CAREFULLY with a Q-tip dipped in Winsor Newton remove the offending color - wash well and repaint! Good luck - hate to have an unhappy moment just as you are almost finished!

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Have you baked the lips yet? If not, try the Winsor Newton if you have some on hand, or a bit of BB thinner on a brush will help remove and make it more workable.

Thanks again guys, I think I might try to remove it with WN cause it has been baked all the way along, yuk.

Good luck, let us know how it works out for you!