Help in touching up a baby

Hoping someone can help me! I have a finished vinyl baby which I bought and love. However she has some blue each side of her mouth. Am sure she was done with ghsp. I want to try and cover it or disguise it slightly but I do not want to use heat set paints/ strip her/ bake her. Anyone know of how to make it look a little better? Was thinking air dry paints? If so what ones and do I need to seal it? Then though of fx powder? It’s not major just want to block out some of the blue. Any help greatly appreciated!!

Not sure how to upload one! I’ll try and work it out!



Is it just blue marks or is the paint rubbed off in those areas?

If the blue was painted inside the head, I would try to remove it with paint remover from the inside of the head. Sometimes this works. I have done it.

Try applying an air dry orange wash with a Q-tip. It should tone it down some.

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Blue is the hardest color to cover because it is so dark. If the air dry orange doesn’t completely tone it down, try a medium flesh color that is similar to the rest of the face. Just use very thin layers still, even with acrylic paints! You would be surprised how thick they get when they dry. Blend the edges into the cheeks a little if you need to so you don’t have a rough edge. Hope something works!

It looks like the artist darkened those spots with blue paint and got them too blue.
If you purchase the RebornFX premixed paints, they have Emulsion mixed in with them that will make the paints stick well. I have touched up Genesis paints with them with no problems. I would suggest going over those spots with a light touch of Flesh 8. Baby Skin color can then be placed over that to pink it back up a bit. It may need a little Mottle and Blush color added over it as well. All these you can apply straight from the bottle or thin slightly with some distilled water. Just apply lightly and then pounce over each application with a dry brush to sort of lift some paint back off so you don’t over paint it. RebornFX Sealer goes on after you are done to ensure the paints are locked to the vinyl well. Wait at least 72 hours (I wait a week) and then varnish with the RebornFX Ultra Matte Varnish.

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Thank you so much. I will try it. Do you have any suggestions of the colours of the fx paint I would need and also the sealer and varnish? Really not sure what to buy!! I so appreciate your help. X

Thank you everyone you have all been so kind and helpful. It’s so appreciated. Now to find the paint and colours! X

There are all the paint colors. I would get a flesh 8, Baby Skin and a blush color that looks closest to your baby’s skin tone. Get the premixed paints and try to use them full strength out of the bottle so they will stick well to the Genesis but just barely dab a little color at the time in the spot. You can go back over it with a dry brush and a dampened wedge (distilled water) to lighten and lift some of the paint as you work with it so you do not apply it too thickly. Once you have it fixed apply the sealer then let set to cure. Varnish after 72 hours or more.

Here is the sealer you want:

and here is the Ultra Matte Varnish. It is great and can be used to touch up shiny spots on any Genesis baby.

…and don’t forget to show us the results.

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