HELP! I bought a kit and she smells like cigarette smoke :( how do I get this smell out?

I bought the monkey Kit by Bonnie Brown off of eBay and she came with a tummy plate and body, she’s absolutely darling except she smells so bad :frowning: and the lady said I can return her but if there’s a possibility I can get the smell out, that would be great, so sad if this kit has to go to waste

I would try soaking it in a vinegar, baking soda and water bath to netralize the smell.

The soak may take awhile, and you might have to do it more than once, but it should work.

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Do you have any of these, I use Baby powder scented ones, if you do put your pieces and body in a ziplock bag for a few days and it will be perfect

I use one in each of my babies so they smell like real babies for months
this is the cheapest seller I found on ebay


I want to try this and see if it works :slight_smile: I can’t do baby powder. Scent because it gives me an instant migraine but wonder if I could use another scent

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I also use 1 of these in the bin with all my reborn clothes teddy’s and blankets, they smell just like a baby when I take them out

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I once got kit that smelled of stale cigarette smoke. I asked for partial e fund, thinking the seller will give $20, but she immediately refunded 1/2 =$45. I felt bit bad thinking I will be able to remove the smell. Well, few week later, and spending days soaking it in various soapy water, or vinegar, and sitting it in the sun, and putting it overnight in bag with baby powder or baking soda, it did not seem to make much difference. In the end I just reborned it, and during the baking process it lost most of its smell. But the smell was still noticeable inside the head.

I would not try to mask the smell. If I ever get such a kit again, I would probably send it back, or if it was something irreplaceable, I would just put it away in bag that will breath - like a pillow slip, just to protect it from dust, and leave it for 6 months and hope the smell will go away.


BB sells baby powder wafers for WAY less. They are just as powerful. I’d try them if the wash didn’t work.

BB sells them for $.69 each. With the bulk package, they’re $.10 each.

20$ for 200 of them

lowe’s has a product zorbx i havent tried it out but its suppose to take cigratte odors out of anything,


Thank I’m gonna buy some

Yes I bought some off amazon if you google powder scent waffers a few companies come up that sell them. They are actually for cars. I never new that until I googled it. But it’s a very good deal. I bought the ones that are not packaged but they come in a container that is sealed really well. You can buy them packaged also for a little more money. I love the smell I have them all over my craft room lol