Help. How to remove locking disc on Cuddle body?

I am stumped on how to remove the disc from the put together cuddle body by BB. I accidentally put it on without the other disc first :woman_facepalming:t2: any tips would be greatly appreciated :relaxed:

I have taken a flat head screw driver and worked my way around it to pry it off but usually I have the other disc there to work it between. Does it not turn this way? If it turns fine I think I would just leave it be.

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I cut the ridges off the post with an X-acto blade and pry the brown disc off. Or, you can make 2 cuts on opposites sides of the brown disc and the 2 halves will come right off. You won’t be able to re-use it. I agree with @anjsmiles. If it turns okay, just leave it.

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@anjsmiles @jeanhai

Yes it turns but the shoulder part looked different than the other side. I need it’s off. My hubby cut it off and I just used another disc from another cuddle body now I just hope BB sells them separately since I need one now :grimacing:

Thank you ladies for your help

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For next time, heat it with a hair dryer and then it’ll pry off easier.


I was about to say the same as @RosieCait , heat it. Both BB and MacPherson sell the discs, but I don’t know if they still have some in stock. You can find some on Etsy and eBay too.


Thank you! I was going to try that but didn’t know if that would also ruin or burn the cloth body.

@RosieCait @Leabelle

Will definitely try that and look on Etsy for them. Don’t want to pay $14.95 shipping for something that small :relaxed:


Do you know what size the joint is?

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@jeanhai looks like 45
I took it from another cuddle body, so I need to replace it. I think I found some on Etsy.

Let me look in my stash and see if I have any. Years ago I made my own bodies.

I have this in 45mm. Different brand disc but should be same size I think if it is for an arm. If you want pm me your address and will send FC

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Thank You So Much! Will PM you

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