Help findind tutorial

hi someone posted a lady’s tutorial that is on face book, can’t seem to find it again could some one please help. I’m new at this getting things together and liked her method Thanks linda
forgot to put it’s a reborning tutorial

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Linda, I think this is the one you are talking about. This shows sealing the finished baby, but if you go there, she has other albums to look at and takes you through the entire process. She does use a different type of paint.

hi thanks kim that is it thank-you so much

I looked at her tutorial from start to finish. She is an amazing painter. I go back often just to look at it. Glad it was the one.

kim, your babies look great can’t wait to get started on mine…Linda

TY. What sculpt are you going to do?

I have sugar, lilly, aubrey, cookie and cuddles been buying up when on sale. I have been reading every one post so i know i’ll be hooked too. Got to get a place fixed to work does it take a large space? Oops i forgot sofie

Well, it depends—I use almost my whole house!!! It does tend to take over some precious space. You really need a good space to do your painting. A nice sized table. I do mine in my kitchen at my counter. You need very good lighting and access to an oven, portable oven or heat gun (if using genesis). If you can have a space where you won’t have to keep putting things away it would be better, too. Whatever you have for storing your kits, make sure that they are protected from anything with ink as the ink will bleed onto your kits. I keep my kits in the plastic they come in. I take those and put everything together in a large ziploc. I put eyes and neck rings in to. Neck rings are all different sizes so I make sure I keep them with the kit. I take all the ziploc bags and keep them in a big bin. It is all so much fun. Can’t wait until you start so we can see your progress.

I have really enjoyed reading every one post on here. I know I will need help and you ladies seem so nice and willing to help. I have made different kinds of dolls but not this kind. just wonder what my hubby is gonna say when I start baking babies. Hope it’s not to hard to catch on, I think i’m really gonna like it.

Is this Nichole Russels Tut ? I went to the link and it says it cant connect- I would like to see it again as well

hi go to reborn tips and questions sections look on the how to acheive this skin tone post the webb site is on it

Hope this is better. I don’t know what happened with the other one.

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