Help, doll turning blue

Help, I have a customer who had the doll for two years and now states the fingers are turning blue. Why is this happening and what can I do to remedy the problem?

Is it possible that the doll maker used blue washes inside the doll?. That is how it used to be done, but I’ve heard that in time, the blue can bleed through. I don’t know if you can remedy it.

It was me that made the doll and there is no blue wash inside. I have heard that Oxy 10 acne cream can be used to try to remove the blue colour, does anyone have any experience using it. If so how do I use it?

It’s more likely that the fingers are being rubbed against blue jeans.


My Granddaughter’s dolls fingers turned almost black and I did use the acne cream. It took a few applications but eventually took it out. The cream does need to be sitting in the sun for a long while to be effective, at least I have found that the most effective way. I also used the cream removing black spots from a vintage doll I was redoing for somebody and her face came out Beautiful.

I think it’s important the customer understand that there is nothing within the doll you sold her that can make the fingers turn blue. She can really ruin your rep if she thinks it’s something you did.

Some other sources of discoloration besides the ones already mentioned:

Plastic bags that are colored or have designs. I came home with a bag once and by the time I got home my hand was totally discolored. I cant imagine what it would do to a reborn.

Newsprint, magazines.

Ink, obviously. But it’s so easy to set a doll down on a paper without thinking. The ink may be dry but can still still transfer.
She should be told to wash clothing prior to using and for dark clothing, jeans and red clothes, wash multiple times before use. Basically, use at her own risk.

I would apply 10% benzoyl peroxide cream a bit thicker than you would use on skin and use Ziplocs over the hands to keep it from drying out. Zip them shut as much as possible. Or use plastic wrap but it can be messier. Sit it in the sun for a few days and wash off to check. Repeat if necessary.

It can bleach fabrics just like real bleach, so be careful not to get any on anything and wash your own hands twice and dry with a white towel. Even after washing, a mild residue can stain towels. I used this stuff for years for acne and have a wonderful stain on my bedroom carpet. When the cream is removed it has to be washed well off the doll’s hands or she’ll bleach clothing, etc.

Good luck!

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Thank you for all the advice that I have been given. It is very reassuring to know I am not to blame.