Help- crease on April’s face

I’m wondering if anyone else’s April (those who have her yet) has this crease on the face. I was ready to start painting her and now I’m wondering if this is a defect. First I thought well maybe it’s a wrinkle, now it looks like crease/cut mark
Does yours have this?
I was ready to start her now I have to wait.


Mine doesnt get here until tomorrow

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Same here.

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I haven’t even got an invoice yet. Did anyone order from Irresistables?


It almost looks like a indentation? I would see if baking pops it out.

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Last I saw from them was that their’s were arriving to the warehouse and that they will be invoicing early this week and shipping as soon as possible.

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I ended up painting her anyways because honestly well I couldn’t resist and I had my Paints mixed. And I’m thinking the mottling will camouflage it if the first bake does not take it out. I’ll let everyone know :heart:


Oh good to know!!

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@ellakabella has wip pics of her April. She could tell you.

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I don’t think mine has that! I’ll check for sure when I get home!


Mine definetly doesn’t have that. Looks like maybe she got a bit smashed during shipping?


Mine arrives Tuesday & I will check for it.

Yeah mine doesn’t have that dent. I just double checked!

Dimple maybe but I will check when I get home

I ordered from them. Their page says they’re invoicing next week and will start shipping out after they’re paid.


Mine is arriving on Tuesday, but it sure looks like a crease. I see that others say their kits do not have that, so maybe it will pop out. I only have encountered one kit with a crease that I got it for practice really cheap and that crease seems there for good like it happened in the mold somehow.

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I ordered from them and haven’t gotten my invoice yet either.

Mine is not here yet. It looks like it was pressed up against something that made an indent.
I would contact the dealer with the picture and see what they say before i did anything with her.

Thank you so much for sharing. I really hope it doesn’t show up throughout the process. I had really been looking forward to her!