HELP BB! Gena's head is full of cracks!

I just got my Gabriel and Gena today. When I went to wash her, I noticed inside her head is full of big cracks! One ear has cracks almost through to the outside of her head and she also has at least two on the inside of her neck, and also has some big ones on the other side of her head too. It is a mess! She also has a black speck of dirt abover her knee that is in the vinyl, and one of her arms is also cracked on the inside. This kit is a total mess! I really loved the sculpt too. I was already to paint them as twins this weekend. Now it will be just Gabriel. Gena should have been a 3rd quality kit. No way you could paint this head to sell, or even keep. Would be afraid I would do all the work and it would crack in the oven… I am very dissapointed… (my husband is holding it for me)

Was this a seconds? Take photos and send to BB to show that it is more than a seconds kit.

This was a 1st quality kit. They haven’t even started selling the seconds yet. I did send them an email.

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Don’t do what I did! I got a first quality kit and it was damaged so I sent the head and the leg back that was damaged and just asked them to exchange it for another, no big deal. I did send an email with pictures to let them know it was coming. No one emailed me back. I paid 10.00 to ship it back. They shipped the same parts back to me with their return policy that states you have to return the whole kit, wait to get a refund and then reorder it!? By that time they could be out of stock or what if it was a custom order and you need it right away. Just didn’t make sense to me. I couldn’t afford anymore shipping charges and didn’t know if they would refund the shipping charges so I just kept it.

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Doesn’t seem right that you would have to pay to ship it back, when it was damaged to begin with. BB has Always been a top rate supplier of kits and I have NEVER had a problem with them in the 6 years I have been reborning. I was quite shocked and very dissapointed to see all the cracks in this ones head and arm. I was so ready to start painting both Gena & Gabriel this weekend, even had my paints out and ready for the mail lady to deliver them! Now I am working on just Gabriel. I am sure I won’t be able to match their coloring up now.

wow im shocked! i hope it all works out for you- i would probably cry!!!

The neck ring looks burnt?

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The neck ring looks burnt?

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Yes, it did to me too. It also has a slice mark there too. I don’t know how this one got past them! I really liked the sculpt too! I haven’t heard back anything from them, but I assume they have weekends off?

They are amazingly quick to right this kind of problem. I had a bad cuddles head and ot was a first kit too. I called them and sent them an email thru theirsite and man I had a replacement within 24 hours …seriously and they did not want the part back either.
That head just slipped thru somehow mistakes happen! But I have never dealt with a company so easy to work with and so gracious about it all.
Don’t waste time…fire off an email to them immediately outlining the problem and ask what they would like you to do about it.


yes like the other girls said just send them an email they were prob overwhelmed with the pioneer sale and new kits. im sure theyll help hun that stinks but im sure itll turn out okay =)

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yes like the other girls said just send them an email they were prob overwhelmed with the pioneer sale and new kits. im sure theyll help hun that stinks but im sure itll turn out okay =)

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Yes, BB has always been great, guess thats why I am not too worried that they will fix the problem as soon as they are back at work on Monday. But the waiting is like labor! Just wanted you ladies, to watch out for this problem too. Hate for you to spend time painting and not notice till too late!

That neck ring does look burnt…

Seems to me that before one comes on here complaining about a defective kit the thing to do is contact BB first and give them a chance to make it right.

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That neck ring does look burnt…

Seems to me that before one comes on here complaining about a defective kit the thing to do is contact BB first and give them a chance to make it right.

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I have already emailed BB about it. I am just waiting to hear from them. BB is great, so I have no worries about it, and if I sounded like I was complaining, I am sorry. I just wanted others to be aware that there MIGHT be problems inside the heads. Maybe mine was the only one, I don’t know.

Yes, thank you for letting ME know. I checked mine over and it’s ok. Thanks.
Plus, it was a good reminder to check inside. I never do.

I am glad you did contact BB. I was under the impression you had not.

Just wanted to let everyone now, Bountiful Baby is sending me a new head, arm and a leg. I wasn’t worried about getting replacement parts for the damaged ones at all. I was just bummed that I had to wait a little longer to get them, because I was all ready to start them. You know how that is!! But I have been busy doing Gabriel anyway, so no problems! Bountiful baby is still #1 with me!

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I am expecting Gena and Gabriel anyday now, and will e so
disappointed if they are not perfect. The cost to ship them
back to the USA from England will be prohibitive. Keep
my fingers crossed


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I am sure yours will be fine, my other two kits were both perfect. I have never had this happen before, and I have ordered lots of kits from BB before. They also didn’t make me send the defective parts back, I guess the pictures were enough. Good luck!!!

I do wonder now what is up with these burns on BB kits.

Today I received my order for a Seconds Chaz kit. I love the kit and the feel and color of the vinyl for reborning a monkey. However, I am shocked at the “flaw”. The flange appears to have been burned and split. It also appears to have to feel of someone having tried to glue it back together with super glue by the feel of the inside area of the split where the vinyl is harder like it gets when super glue is on it. I did write to BB to ask if the head can be replaced.

Here are links to the pictures I took of it. … zflaw1.jpg … zflaw2.jpg … zflaw3.jpg

Jen, I just wrote them last night so they don’t have time to respond.

Beth, I am not sure about replacement on 2nds but thought I would ask. I am sure this is why it was marked 2nds but I have just never received a 2nds head that was this bad. To me it should have been marked a test head. I see now that they have the regular kit $19.95. I could have just paid $5 more and had the good kit but I don’t think it was that cheap at the time I bought this one.

Got this response.

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Thank you for letting us know.

However, this head does not look bad enough to be a test head. The crack is a minor imperfection that should not show or affect the finished doll.

We also currently do not have any more seconds Chaz kits available.

Thank you,

Bountiful Baby

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I knew full well I was buying a 2nds kit and therefore do not expect it to be perfect. However, I disagree that the flaw is minor because even though it will not show it compromises the sturdiness of the neck flange since it isn’t a crack but actually a split that someone there tried to glue back together rather poorly. I guess the quality control standards there are less than what they used to be because I have never gotten a seconds kit with this much damage.

Last night I filled in the open spaces in the split with DAP waterproof silicone and then but a thick/wide bead of the silicone over the inside are of the split inside the flange. I also applied it on the outside of the split and then rubbed it down with a damp q-tip to push the silicone into the cracks there and make the surface flat enough that a cable tie would still fit around the groove securely. This morning it is all dried and seems to be strong enough to use so I will proceed with painting him when I get to him and see how he does.

Lesson learned…2nds may not be as nice as they used to be here.