Hello! New Here!

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Amanda and I came across reborn dolls when looking for “weighted” dolls for my girls. I have become enthralled and just started the process myself. I have made 6 dolls now and am addicted. :slight_smile: This is the first forum that I have joined although I have browsed through a lot just trying to learn. I do work full-time and have 5 daughters, but decided just not to sleep lol, to continue to make dolls. I made one for my niece and my sister posted and I got so many nice comments and have sold 3 dolls that way so I guess I am in the selling business too now. I will probably set up an Etsy store soon. It will be so nice to learn from you all!!!



Welcome to our forum Amanda. You will get lots of information here from a lot of wonderful women willing to help you along your reborning journey, Glad you have become addicted like the rest of us.

Hi Amanda. Welcome to the forum. You’re going to love everybody here! They are so helpful and generous.

Welcome Amanda! Can’t wait to see your work :wink:

Welcome Amanda! Glad to have you and look forward to seeing some of your babies in the future.
Pop over and look at the post for the Christmas Baby Challenge 2015…Would love to have you join in the fun!.

Thank you all! It might be a little while until I feel confident enough to show my work to all of you talented ladies! I definitely am just a beginner. :grin:

If people are buying them, they’re good enough to show us. We were all newbies once. Welcome to the fun.


Amanda, don’t forget we all started somewhere !!! Never be afraid to show us your work we love pictures here.

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Welcome!!! And please, show us your work! Trust me, we were/are all beginners!

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Welcome to the forum, Amanda. ~Diane

Welcome- I hope you enjoy your stay here. Look forward to seeing your posts!

Welcome Amanda ! You will love this forum!

welcome Amanada !!! enjoy the reborning

Welcome, Amanda! This is a GREAT forum! It’s is scary posting your pics but be brave…we’ll be gentle.

Hi, Amanda.
Welcome! I’m Carol. I am new, too, and have posted pics of my first two babies. I hope I can improve soon, especially when it comes to rooting hair. I have one ready for hair now, and am researching how to map the head to proceed. The others I have rooted were really cute until I messed them up with their hair.
The ladies here are welcoming and very helpful. I THINK most of us are ladies, right? If there are men involved, I apologize that I didn’t know.
If you show me your babies, I will show you mine!

Thank you all for the warm welcome!!! I will share. :slight_smile: It’s just different as the people who have bought my work really don’t know what the dolls can look like… Lol! I love it though. Carol, the hair is the hardest for me. I did root my last doll but I call it “sparsely” rooted because I don’t have the patience for how many hours and hours and hours it takes. On my other dolls I have used a prisma pencil but the hair looks very doll like and not realistic. I ordered a couple of new brushes and paint (I use the Art of Magic air dry paints) and am going to attempt to paint hair when I get the materials. Here is my latest baby with her hair.


Thank you! My girls are still young so I haven’t slept in 8 years, why start now? lol! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Welcome to the forum Amanda! Your baby looks so sweet.

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welcoem to our wonderful forum people here are helpful knowledgable and not only becoe great friends we are like a family
i think your baby is adorable

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