Hello ladies

Just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Karen and live in Pennsylvania. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful babies here.


Hello, Karen, where in Pa? I am near Lancaster


Bethlehem, just moved out here from Cali.

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Well welcome! I am a couple hours Southeast

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Welcome to the forum.:grinning:

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Welcome, Karen hope you enjoy!

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thank you, I know you, You’re on another site I’m on.

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Welcome to the forum Karen!

Welcome to the BB forum !

Welcome to the forum

Thank you, when uploading pics do y’all still have to use photo bucket? I was on this site in 2012 and that’s how I had to do it before.

Where in CA were you

From your phone you can just upload ( the 7th icon from the left above here)

and from a computer you can upload, drag and drop or copy and paste the address.

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Well, welcome back @Krbutler

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Welcome to the forum and the East :blush: I’m across the river in NJ.

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Near the riverside area, in Moreno valley


It worked, thank you

Welcome, I am Maddie