Hello I'm sort of new

Hello Everyone. I am not new to the forum but I’ve just been a lurker for a long while.
I thought it might be time to learn how this works and tell everyone hello.
This was the last baby that I made. I like to take pictures as both a girl and a boy.
I think this baby has boy written all over it but since it is a donation Christmas gift I will stick with a girl.
I’m not that fabulous of a hair rooter yet although I am trying. Lol
I hope I loaded the picture correctly. I’m not very tech savvy.


Welcome! Dominic is such a wonderful baby to reborn. He’s my favorite so far

Oh sweet!!! I love Dominic! You did a fantastic job! I hope you will share more :slight_smile:

Welcome and beautiful babies

Welcome nice to meet you and your beautiful baby

You did a great job. The little girl or boy that get this baby will love love love it! And I think your rooting looks great. I know how hard it is to root. I cant get the hang or it.

He’s very cute. I also think he looks like a total boy. Even in a dress it looks like a boy in a dress to me, haha.

Welcome! Boy or girl your Dominic is so sweet!


Nice Job! Welcome.

Welcome! Your babies are super sweet :blush:

Thanks everyone.

Welcome. Beautiful babies😊

Hi and welcome! I love your babies. You did a great job.